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sucking mexican dick

I'm 28 yrs. old, and I'm from Mexico. When I was 20, I came to the U.S. with two of my friends from Mexico. My friends are 2 years younger than me. When I first came here to California, I worked in a little town close to Fresno, Ca., and my friends and I lived in a 4 bedroom house.

In total, we were like 15 guys from all ages living in that house. Well, the thing is that every Saturday everybody in the house used to get drunk. I did not like to drink, but one of my friends, Beto, liked to drink.

One Saturday, Beto got drunk. He seemed that he was fucked up, and he went to sleep to one of the bedrooms. Then I followed him, and I laid down next to him. He was cute, so I liked him, but the problem is that he is straight. Well, at least he acted like a straight guy. About an hour after he laid down, I decided to touch his dick over his pants. In a minute, I felt his dick as hard as a rock. His dick was not
too big, but it was very hard.

Then I realized that he was not slept. I decided to open his pants, and I started jerking him off. It seemed that he liked that. It was the very first time I did it. Then I put my lips on his dick. Then, I felt his hands at the back of my head and he pushed it down, so I knew he wanted me to suck his dick. I did it and in a couple of minutes, I felt all his white, hot shot of cum in my mouth. I think he was so horny.

The next day, we felt embarrassed each other, and we did not talk about it. But two or three nights later, I was sleeping, and I felt something on my face. It was Beto putting his dick in my mouth because he wanted me to suck him again. I did so and after 15 or 20 minutes.

I did not say anything, but he put me in a doggie style and began putting his head dick in my ass. Then he pressed and pressed until I got all his dick into my ass. Then he started doing movements back and forward. He was fucking me so good. It was the first time I got fucked, too, so I felt a lot of pain when he was sliding his dick into my ass.

But after the pain, I felt a lot of pleasure when he was pushing his dick into my ass harder and harder. Then I felt when he came and after that he went to sleep.

We did it only 2 or 3 more times because a month later, I moved to L.A. with my other friend, and Beto moved to Fontana. I know that he is still living there, but I have not talked to him since that time. About my other friend, I did almost the same thing with him and his cousins, but that's another story.

Beto, if you read this story, I want to tell you that you were the first guy I sucked and the first guy who fucked me.

Name and city withheld

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