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family reunion

This story happened one fourth of July weekend. All my family was getting together to celebrate Independence Day. This was the day that I was going to meet a bunch of my cauzins that I did not know. One of my cauzins that I did not know was Tony or Antonio. He was one of the hottest one in the cauzins.

Well to continue with my story, my cauzin Tony had to share the room with me cuz all other rooms were going to be taken by my brothers and cauzins. My cauzins were going to stay with us for three weeks cuz they had vacations, so I was going to show my lil cauzin aroud the hood.

One day we were going to West side where all the KINGS hang around, and they started to say shit to us cuz my cuz was an LB. We start running in the alley, so we did not get in trouble.

When we got home my aunt asked us what happen with us that we were so tired. My cauzin and I just did not answer, and we when to our room and just started to talk about sex life. Then all of a sudden, looking straight at me, he told me that he had a girlfriend that made him have sex with her. Everything was ok for me, but he told me that for him to have sex with her she wanted him to get fucked by two of his gang members brothers.

So he told me that he had to let that happen cuz he really wanted that culo of hers. So me and my cauzin just sat later that night just talked about the fantasies that we had. He told me that his fantasy was to make out with a male cuz he had liked the time that he was fucked. He ask me that what was my fantasy. I told him that it was to do it with some one special to me.

After we finished talking, we just went to sleep. The next night we started to talk again, but it was just about whether or not he was liking my city. He told me that he would like to stay with us so he can go to our school.

That night, we started to play. I bet him that he would not sleep without any clothes on, and he told me that he will do it if I sucked his cock. I just told him that he was stupid cuz I was not going to do it. After some silence, he asked if I was mad cuz of what he told me. I told him that it was kool with me. He told that if I sleep without clothes, he will suck my chorizo.

I was thinking about it for so many minutes. After, I told him that it was kool for him to suck my chorizo. He was happy about my answer, and he started to put his hands in crotch and started to pull my boxers down. He too pulled his boxes down. He told me that he wanted me to put my fingers in his ass while he sucked me off, and I told him that it was kool.

Later that night we start to get very horny with each other. Then he turned around. Now his nice ass was like to five inches from my dick. I started to have precum in my big chorizo head cuz i was fucking horny, so I just got near him and started to put my dick in his ass. Since he had put saliva in my cock, the saliva was a lubricant, so it was going good inside his ass. He was just holding onto the pillow cuz maybe because it was going hard into him.

So I asked him if he wanted me out, but he told me to do what I wanted with him cuz now he was my property and that he will do anything I told him to do. After 45 minutes of trying different positions, I told him that I was about to cum. He told me that he wanted to eat my cum so I told him that it was ok with me, so he was on his knees like a little dog waiting for his food. I started to jack off and put like gallon of cum in his mouth. He was eating it, and he started to clean my dick with his mouth.

Now after three months had past, he got the permission from my uncle to stay in my house so he could attend our hood high school. We go to school everyday. He just likes to be with me and my homies in case that any puto gangero wants to do anything to him and so that he will not be alone.

We fuck around almost every night. In one of this nights, we were at a party, and one of my homies asked him if he was punal, which is a way of asking, “Are you gay?” My cauzin just putted his head down and did not answer. I came over to where they were and I asked my homie what was going on. He told me that he was playing with my cauzin, so I asked my cauzin if that was what was really happening. My cauzin told me that it was true, that they were just playing.

Later that night, outside the party, I found my bitch (or my cauzin) in my homie’s car. They were fucking, and I just went over to them and I asked them what the fuck were they doing. They told me some stupid shit that they were just playing with each other.

Time has gone by real good because my cauzin really knows how to take my 9" dick in his ass. He knows how to really give a blow job. Well, this is my story. I’ll write more later. Now I'm alone because my cauzin has moveed to his parents’ place in Califas, so I'm looking to hook up with a hot Latino in Chicago.


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