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untold story:homeboy turning gay

When I was 18 yrs old , I got kicked out from my house due to my gang life style. I met two cholas. One was from ELA, and the other one was from Elm Street in Watts. We use to deal drogas, and we were always walking the street of LA.

When they told me they were malfloras (lesbians), I was sick to my stomach because one chola I use to like for a ruca. She was fine with long black feather hair, lots of make up, u know, white eye shadow, false eye lashes, with her eyebows drawn like arches. But our friendship grew stronger and when vatos from other varrios used to talk shit because of their gay life style, I backed them up all the way because I loved them like my own carnalas.

They invited me to some gay night clubs like Mickey’s where it use to happen back in the days. I only went because I use to sell Super Cools.(PCP). First, I was a lil nervous because I did not want to be seen in a gay bar because of my image that I held. I was a vato mas chingon from my varrio, my plaquiaso was all over the streets of L.A Everyone knew who I was, specially the way I dressed. Baggy kakis, creased penaltons and bandanas were my trade mark.

Anyways, at the clubs I really felt at home because there was a lot of nice crazy malfloras who were firme gente. We use to party all night long, getting high, robbing places and people. These stud malfloras were fucking crazier than vatos locos. They started introducing me to bi-cholos who always wanted to hit up on me, but my response was I don't go that way, but deep down inside I started being curious about these fine cholos. I wanted to know how they would make love, if they were cut or uncut, what was really under those baggy pants and boxers?

One time, we were partying with a big clolo/chola crowd, and I had heard about this homeboy named Johnny who was from this meanest barrio in the City Terrace area who had a reputation that he had dropped the soap when he was busted. When I met him, it was hard to believe. He was straight acting, an all cholo-downed homie. He was the finest homeboy I’d seen.

He reminded me a lot of myself. He knew a lot of gay rucas. He dressed similar like me. He also wore a bandana gypsy style. He was real nice, open to share his loquera. The other rumor I had heard about this vato, even though he had a girlfriend, was that he would do anything for his high, and since he was a hype, I believed that part.

As we partied all night, his ride had taken off, and he did not know how he was going to get home. I told him, I was staying in a motel and if he wanted to crash there for the night he was welcome, so he agreed. This cholo was 21 and made me feel good talking to him. Since he knew I partied with gay people, he started hitting up on me, but I wasn't sure I could go along with his movida. I felt I could loose my reputation, and it could get to my homeboys, which was a chance I couldn't take. My life was at risk.

When we got to my motel, I felt different, specially since I had a twin bed. Having this fine cholo sleeping in boxers next to my horny body, changed my mind. Since I was high, I felt like I did not give a fuck and that this vato could be mine por vida.

He started making his movida playing the part, suggesting that if I gave him head, then he will give me head. I had never been with a vato before, but I was willing to learn. So first he started kissing my lips and our tongues met desperately. Till this day, I still remember how good those kisses were. Actually they were the best, and I had kissed many rucas since I was a player.

But that night was very special. I felt like a virgin. This idol of mine was giving me hickies all over and was on top of me. He had a nice uncut cock, and he was rubbing it against my stomach. He complimented me on my uncut 8.5" cock. He started to lick my cock. He sucked me, and to me it felt like I was fucking a mouth. This vato of mine had a mustache and goatee similar to mine which I loved to kiss.

To make the story short, it was the best night of my vida loca. He was thankful I invited him over, and he gave me an invitation to stay at his place next weekend. Ever since then, I was glad I took that chance. He knew I would always be in the closet and respected that. But my malflora friends knew what was up, since they knew Johnny had went home with me and i had all this hickies i couldn't deny.

If there are any vatos holding back due to pride or fear of taking that chance, let me tell you it's all worth it. Take a chance on me. You won't regret it.

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