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book store pounding

I heard a lot of guys talking about adult book stores in San Francisco and glory hole sex. One day after work in July, I decided to see what all the buzz was about. It was a hot 90- degree day, and I was horny as fuck. My cock was hard all day long, and I need some relief.

I walked about 6 blocks to this book store after work and decided to go in. I paid my $3 to get my coupons and went in. It was a nice size room fairly lit with a bunch of guys standing around. It was a little disappointing at first. All the men there were old, fat and short. They kept smiling at me and saying wassup and asking me if I wanted my dick sucked.

I am pretty cute myself, 5'11 Mexican/Puerto Rican, shaved head, nice dick about 8.5 cut and fat, so I was looking for someone pretty good looking. I was standing around against the wall waiting and praying for someone fine to come in when I lookd up and there he was. The finest Latin guy I have ever seen. He was about 6'0 tall, dark hair, nice lips and eyebrows, and he was fine as fuck.

He was coming out of one of the booths. We made eye contact, and he smiled at me. I smiled back, and he kinda made this gesture for me to come towards him. I went to the other side and saw him go inside a booth. I decided I would go into the booth next to him and prayed there was a glory hole.

I went inside the booth and there as a huge glory hole there. I look through it and see him stroking the fattest cock I have ever seen. It must have been about 10 inches long and like 5 inches thick. His cock was cut and very light. I stuck my hand through the hole and started to jack him off. I pulled his cock through the hole and started sucking on it.

My mouth would not open that wide so I couldn’t take a lot of it in me. After sucking for about 25 minutes, I whispered to him for us to go into the larger buddy booth. He told me that he was down, but he had a friend there with him and wanted him to join in. I thought to myself, “Damn, hopefully he is as hung as you.” I told him it was fine to go get him, and I would wait for him in the booth.

Finally, there was a knock, and I see my papi. He comes in and directly behind him is a fine thug looking Latin god. I thought, “Oh shit I am about to be in heaven.” This boy was taller, thicker and just as cute as my first papi.

We didn't say a word to each other and just started kissing. I felt up the new guy’s dick, and it was not as big as his friend’s dick, but it was a good size. I think he was about 8.5 uncut and thick. I started to blow the 10 inch cock again and jacked off his friend.

We finally get into some conversation. I learned the 10 inch cock boy's name is Mike and his boy is Ben. Mike is Puerto Rican and Cuban. Ben is Mexican and Hawaiian. Ben asks me if he can fuck me, so I decide to let him. Here I am bent over on a chair, sucking a massive cock and about to have a nice thick dick in me.

He spreads my ass open and starts to lick it. This is the best sensation. He then squirts some lotion into me and starts to slowly stick his cock in. I moan at first cause it hurts, but he takes it really slow. He is all the way in, and by this point I am ready to let him fuck me like an animal.

I am sucking the shit out of mike, and ben is banging the shit out of me. After about 30 minutes, I tell them to switch roles. Mike looks shocked kinda like are you sure you want this dick in you. I turn around and sit on Mike’s big pinga. At first it feels like I am being ripped open, but Ben fucked me good so I was pretty loose.

I start riding the shit out of Mike, and he is moaning pretty loud. I have Ben’s big cock in my mouth, and I can tell he is about to cum. I start licking his head and deep throating his cock. All of a sudden, his cock gets super hard, and I feel hot man juice being squirted down my mouth. He shoots about 6 loads in my mouth and falls on top of me.

I am kinda glad he is done cause now I can put all my attention on Mike. I bend over and let him fuck the shit out of me. He is banging away, and he tells me he is about to cum. I tighten my ass up and start squeezing hard. He starts to pump me harder, then I feel his cum just pouring out. He shoots about 8 loads inside me.

By this point, I am exhausted, but Ben decides to blow me. I cum pretty fast down his throat. We dressed and exchanged phone #'s. We have been fucking ever since then for the last year or so, and Mike and I have been dating since then also.

Nothing like getting pounded at City Entertainment on Folsom street in the San Francisco.

Name and city withheld.

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