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cock evaluations at elysian park

I went to Elysian Park yesterday and fucked around with a lot of guys.

I parked the car near the Broadway entrance and walked up the dusty hill. It was Friday night, and already late. The moonlight made a pattern of light and shadow on the ground, filtered through the branches. It’s probably one of the few places in LA where you can see moonlight (kind of a lovely thought if you think about it).

There were a lot of guys walking around in the bushes. At one spot there was a big guy that looked part thug, part chunti, and he was standing up, kicking back, while another guy sucked his dick. Besides me, there were about three other guys looking at them. The big guy looked like he had a big dick. I made a move as if to grab his dick, but he got scared or something and pulled up his pants, so I left too.

I walked around for a while, and then I met an 18-year-old guy who spoke only Spanish. He wasn’t great looking. He was okay, doable. His face was kinda cute, and I thought, “He probably gives good head.” I told him, “Let’s go into the bushes.” So we did.

We went to the bushes, he undid my pants, and sucked me off for a while. As I looked down, I could see my dick going in and out of his mouth, and I could see the top of his head in the moonlight. He sucked pretty good, not great, but good.

Then I told him to get up. I jacked on his dick. He had a decent dick. As I jacked him off, his dick started getting longer and harder. But his dick head seemed too small for the rest of his dick. So I thought, “What the fuck?” so I bent over and started sucking him. The shaft of his dick tasted good because it was long. His dick got pretty hard, but not super hard.

As we fucked around, there were a lot of guys walking around our bush, but they couldn’t see us. I thought I might get a better guy, so I told the 18-year-old good bye, and I left.

There were these two awesome guys there. I mean, fuckin’ drop-dead gorgeous awesome, and masculine too, but they didn’t want to fuck around. Those idiots! LOL They told me it was their first time there, and they wanted to just see. Man, I was going crazy each time I saw them, especially the taller of the two. Damn, that fucker was marriage material and then some. Throughout the night, I saw them like four times, and each time I propositioned them, and each time they turned me down. Those idiots! LOL

But I do have good news. There was a bald-headed cutie in sweat pants kickin’ it at the top of the hill. I stopped near him, and then he got closer to me, so I guess he was interested. We chatted awhile, and I was wondering how the topic of sex would come up. So then he asks me, “Do you want to go for a walk?” That means, “Do you want to fuck?” So I said, “Yes.” He he he

He took me higher into the hills in a dark area near a tree stump (all you Elysian-Park bitches out there know which tree stump I’m talking about). On a different night, a fine ass fool with a hard-as-steel dick fucked me by this tree stump. I think this is the tree stump of choice for privacy.

So, anyway, this bald headed papi takes me to the dark tree stump area, and I start groping on his shit through his sweat pants. Nice. It’s not hard, but there’s a certain thickness to his limp cock that I know is going to make me happy.

Then his shit starts getting harder, longer, and I’m getting happier. I dropped his sweat pants and pull out his cock through his boxers. Of course, he’s uncut, and his mega cock is sticking out through the hole in his boxers. I bend down and take the big cock head in my mouth. This guy has a nice long dick. Of course, in my mouth, it gets longer and harder.

The best part is that there is a little bit of moonlight coming in, so I can check out his cock as I blow him. His beautiful cock. I have his boxers pulled underneath his balls now, and I can see his dark pubic bush, and this big cock sticking straight out at me. I don’t know how to describe it, but the cockhead just looks big and healthy, and I love sucking on his fat cock.

Sometimes I get up, stand by him, and jack off the cock that looks huge in my hand. I think he likes that. Then I go back on my knees and blow him again. I think he wants to fuck me, and I want to get fucked, but we don’t get into it. After a while, his dick is only ¾ hard, so I lose interest too. LOL I’m bad, huh?

So, anyway, I make up some lie about being worried we’re going to get caught, so as not to hurt his feelings, and I tell him I gotta go.

So, I leave, and I’m ready for a new adventure. Only I can’t find an adventure. So I go down the hill, and then I meet a tall cutie with a jacket on. He looks good. He looks as if he’s going on the date, dressed nice, masculine, real short hair slicked back at the top, faded on the sides and cute. We talk and we decide to go on a walk.

We go underneath a tree, and I lean against the tree trunk. This is kinda different because we start making out, normally, guys don’t make up at Elysian Park. So, anyway, we make out a lot, and then this tall masculine homeboy squats down and starts giving me some firme head. This homeboy knows how to deep throat. I’m like, “Damn, this fool, can suck.” He sucks me real good for a long time.

The only bad thing is his dick is kind ugly. His dick is short and doesn’t have a good shape. It’s kinda just a whatever dick, like a god-gave-you-a dick-only-cause-you’re-a-guy-and-nobody-is-going-to-enjoy-your-cock type of dick. But it was cool, there were only cool things about him. We kissed deeply for a long time. And in between kisses, he would squat down and blow me again.

Then I came, and I swear I fuckin’ came a lot (since I had been so horny and fucked around with a bunch of guys). I shot about six or seven streams of cum, and I moaned pretty loudly too.

Then me and this guy separated. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but we separated. I went up the hill to look for more action, and I don’t know where he went.

I found a tall cute chunti guy. This chunti guy was fucking around with the 18-year-old that I met earlier. So, I went up to them and interrupted them. I wanted to make it a 3-way, but the dumb young 18-year-old left. His loss. Pendejo. LOL

So, anyway, now I have the cute chunti guy all to myself. His guy has a nice dick. It’s not big, but it’s hard, nicely shaped and uncut. So I bend down and suck on his wiener. He likes it. His dick is short, so it’s easy to administer advanced cocksucking techniques to it. Homeboy shoots real fast, so I leave.

I walk around for a while, and I don’t find much action. Then I find a good-looking, handsome guy who’s kinda chubby, almost fat, but he’s masculine, thug-like, so I think, “Well, maybe he has a big cock which could redeem him.”

So we hook it up, and I get turned on because he smells like alcohol, and I fantasize that he’s straight and that he is messing around only because he’s drunk. I know this is not true, but the fantasy turns me on. I open his pants, pull out his long cock.

He has a cool cock, but the only thing I don’t like is that he is cut. L But his cock is okay, so I start sucking him. Oh, yeah, I have one more complain about his cock. The tip is thinner than the base, so it’s not symmetrical. I like sucking him, and feeling my lips around the fat base of his cock, but the tip is thinner and cut, so that kinda ruins what could have otherwise been a great cock.

I suck him off for a while, nothing great (except I like his fat cock base), then people start walking around, so we both decide to separate.

But that’s not the end of my night. Earlier, I had seen a good-looking homeboy trying to fuck an ugly queeny chunti guy (I don’t know what he saw in him).

Anyway, I run into this good-looking bald homeboy again, and tell him what’s up. We talk and shit for a little while. By the way, from far, I kinda spied on the homeboy and the ugly chunti guy, and it seemed from far that the homeboy had a nice big dick.

Now it was my time to find out. The homeboy’s leaning against a tree, so I reach out and grab his cock through his sweat pants. The homeboy is hard, and I can tell he has a nice dick. I’m like, “Damn, let me have some of that.”

We talk a while, and he tells me that the chunti guy did not let him fuck him. I’m like, “I’ll let you fuck me.” So I pull his dick out, and this homeboy has a nice dick. I mean nice. The probably has the best dick of the night. Here’s what makes it nice: from the cock base to the tip, it has a nice shape, of equal proportions. Damn, a long healthy dick! And uncut.

So I squat down and start sucking him. Then a terrible thing happens. The fucker starts coming almost immediately. I pull my mouth off, and huge long squirts of man cum shoot out of the perfect cock. He comes a lot, over and over.

He apologizes and tells me sorry, but he was so hot from messing around so much that he just had to come. So I think, “Hmm, where does that leave me? I didn’t get shit!” LOL It’s too bad, but it’s okay. I tell him goodbye and walk down the steep hill carefully towards my car, thinking, “I wonder if I’m gonna find good cocks tomorrow….”

Name and city withheld.

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