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the fine homeboy

I went to a dance club last Sunday, and I saw this fine azz vato that I wanted. He seemed like the closeted masculine type (the kind I fuckin’ like a lot), but I lost the fool in the crowd and I was never able to find him again. I wanted to pick up on him, but since I didn’t find him and there was no one else I wanted at the club, I decided to drive home.

I was about to jump on the 101 Freeway when on my right hand side, I saw three young guys entering the Tiki Tiki Theatre (which is a straight porn theatre on Santa Monica Blvd right before Western). It had been a while since I’d been to this theatre, so I thought, “Fuck it! Let me check out these fine fools going into the theatre.” By the way, I’d been to this theatre before, and I had seen guys sucking off masculine guys with big azz dicks so the idea of going to the theatre appealed me, especially since I was horny.

Anyway, I looped around the block and parked the car. As I was walking to the theatre, I saw the 3 young guys leaving the theatre. For some reason they ended up not going into the theatre, which was just as well because it turns out they were ugly Asians (before I had only seen their backs, so I didn’t know what their faces looked like). But anyway, I decided to go into the theatre anyway because now I was really horny and looking forward to some dick.

I paid the entrance fee and walked inside. Immediately, I was disappointed because the place was very empty. Let me describe the inside. The place is very small, just a few rows of seats, an old battered movie screen and a small restroom on the side. There were maybe only 4 or 5 guys in there, and the first guys I saw in there were old, ugly and, well, just yucky. I thought, “Oh, man, too bad.”

But then right in the middle row I saw a guy that looked promising. He was Latino, slouched in his seat like a thug, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans. I sat down in the same row he was sitting, but about 5 seats away. He looked over to see me, and then he went back to watching the movie.

From this closer perspective, I found out that he was hella fine. I was like, “Damn, that fool is fuckin’ fine.” He looked handsome and masculine like a thug. I swear I was wet and horny for him, but I didn’t know if I could get him.

I looked at him again, and I was even more horny for him because he is fuckin totally my type. Let me describe his face a little. He had the perfect skin, fuckin' nice dark eyebrows, a perfect nose and lips. His whole face worked well together. It was just one of those fuckin' killer faces, and to top it all off, the fool was masculine as hell. Damn!

So I moved one seat closer to him, so now there were only 4 seats separating us. He kept watching the movie, and I kept trying to make it obvious that I was interested in him by leaning forward in my seat and then looking over at him, so that he could see me looking at me. I was fuckin horny so I said to myself, “I better make my move before someone else takes him.”

So I gathered up my courage and went over and sat right next to him. He was so into the movie that I think at first he didn’t notice that I was sitting right next to him. Then he was a little surprised, and then he moved his body language away from me. I thought, “Fuck, he’s not interested in a blow job from a fag.”

I talked to him and found out that his name was Manuel. Close up, he was fuckin’ beautiful, I swear he could be a model, or make someone (like me) very very happy. So I talked to him and shit, and he wasn’t interested in talking. I tried touching his leg and then his dick, but he pushed my hand away.

I thought, “Oh, man, he’s not interested. Let me talk to him some more, and then maybe I’ll get him interested.” So, I talked to him a lot about nonsexual things, trying to build a rapport between us, so he’ll eventually let me go down on him and shit. LOL

I guess he got tired of the bullshit, so he asked me in Spanish, “Que es lo que quires?” (“What do you want?”) I answered him, “I want to talk to you, get to know you.”

So we continued talking, and I guess he got tired of our conversation, he asked me again in Spanish, “What do you want?”

This time I decided to be more direct, so I asked him, “Te gusta que te la mamen?” (Do you like to get sucked?). He answered, “Si, pero mas tarde.” (Yes, but later.) This answer surprised me, since earlier he pushed my hand away, but I was happy with the answer.

This was a green light to me. I thought to myself, “Why wait for later for what you can do now?” So I started massaging his leg, slowly but surely moving closer to his crotch. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, earlier he had put his hood over his head, so only the front part of his face was visible to me, so that made him look even more beautiful since his beautiful face was the only thing not covered by the hood.

I also got turned on because the fly of his pants was open which means he was probably jacking off before I approached him. I put my hand in his open fly and grabbed his crotch. His dick was half hard, but it was growing. His dick was not huge, but this homeboy was fuckin’ fine, so I didn’t give a fuck.

I pulled his dick out of the fly of his pants and started to jack him off. He got a full hard on in my hand, and I jacked him off. His dick was maybe about 5 inches, but it was nice, straight, hard and uncut. I jacked him off a little more and then I said to myself, “Fuck that, I’m gonna suck this fine homeboy.”

So I went down and started sucking him. I loved his dick because it was real smooth, real smooth, with a hard head and a hard shaft. It was just one of those dicks that I love to suck. I thought about it today before writing this story, and I think I figured out why I like dicks like his. His dick did not have a lot of veins all over it like some other dicks that make the surface of the dick irregular. I love those dicks that get hella hard, but yet they don’t get distorted with a bunch of veins. I love those dicks that have the veins buried deep inside, and the surface of the dicks are as smooth and hard as marble. Those are my favorite dicks.

So, anyway, this homeboy had a dick like that. So I thought to myself, “Fuck it! I’m gonna kneel down on the floor and suck him even better.”

So I kneeled on the floor and continued sucking the homeboy. His dick got a little bit bigger and harder because I was taking him deeper into my mouth, all the way to his pubes. While I sucked his dick, I looked up at his face, and he looked so fuckin’ handsome with his face sticking out of his black hood, and him looking all masculine and shit while I serviced him.

I sucked his cock, enjoying the smoothness of his cock along the inside of my cheeks and on my lips. Periodically, I twirled my tongue around that homeboy cockhead, while I jacked off the shaft. I fuckin’ loved it.

There was also something interesting about his cock. Some guys have a lot of precum, and some guys very little precum. But this guy had no precum most of the time, then suddenly he’d discharge a tiny amount of precum that tasted salty and almost subliminal to my mouth. When I tasted his precum, I moaned with his cock in my mouth, and tried to increase the pleasure he was receiving.

The guy was so fine that I kept looking up at him several times while I serviced him. I touched his balls too, and they were a nice size. Then I unbuckled his pants and pulled down his pants and his boxers, and then I really went to town sucking that straight homeboy’s cock.

I loved the feel of the smooth hard cock in my mouth (probably what would have made it better was if his cock was a little bigger, but hell I wasn’t complaining). Suddenly, the fool started to cum in my mouth. He didn’t give me a warning. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth because I didn’t want to catch a disease. So I pulled my mouth off his cock, and started to jack him off.

He came a lot, squirting all over his stomach and on his sweatshirt. He frowned beautifully as he came, and I jacked him off.

After he came, he closed his pants up and we talked for a while. I kept telling him how beautiful he was, and he just kept laughing at me. I told him I sure wanted to suck him off again, and told him I wanted to give him my phone number.

So we talked and shit for a while. Like I said, I gave him a bunch of compliments, then eventually he said he was leaving, and I gave him my phone number. I gave him some bullshit of helping him get a job just to increase the chances of him calling me, but I doubt he’ll call. He got my number, told me he’ll call me for sure, and left the theatre.

Of course, I stayed in the theatre because during the time I was blowing this homeboy, a very masculine Puerto Rican walked into the theater. Before the night was over, I was kneeling in between the legs of the macho Puerto Rican guy in the darkness. His dick was a lot huger, and I enjoyed getting his pito wet.

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