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gangsters going at it

This story is of when I first came out. Like many homeboys, I was hornie till tomorrow, you know? It just so happened that one day I was cruzin down town SJ, bumping tha base. All of a sudden, I saw this fine ass cholo chilling against an alley wall.

He was about 6'1", muscles flowing everywhere, nice chocolaty tan, black faded hair, wearing an earring on his left ear, and a face to die for...

I was horny, so I said, "Fuck it.” T my luck's avail, the papi was taking out a cig to smoke when I passed by. It seemed like he had no lighter on him, so I, you know, I had my chance. I parked tha car, got out quickly, yes desperate it seems, but you know, a guy's gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

Anyways, I walk up to him and ask him if he needed a light. Of course he did... =) So I light this cutie’s cig and just start chatting with him a bit. Turns out that he had just had a fight with his girl friend. Me, being the horn ball that I am, I saw a clear opportunity to get into this papi's pants... I tell him, “Aww, man, what a coincidence [don’t know how to spell for fuck]. The b@$3 I was with dumped my ass just like last week. I feel ya, man. Seriously." Or some shit like that. Anyhow, I get the papi all interested and shit.

So you know, I'm like all nice and shit. I invite him to kick back with me and have some drinks at my place. My place’s just around tha corner. He was, “Yeah, whatever.” Damn, I couldn’t believe it. Every thing was going according to plan. Damn! So we finally get to my place. In we go through the door, and he slams himself on the couch. So, ya know, I turn on tha tv and go to the kitchen. I get some chelas out of the fridge. (chelas = beers)

When I get back, this papi is just slouching with legs opened wide, just watching TV. All the while, I can see his chorizo pressing against his jeans. Ummmmm. It looks like 11 inches easy...

Anyways, good thing for me the couch was small and the only piece of furniture in the room. So I plop myself next to this fine ass papi. We’re just watching tv and chatting. After like a few chelas, he starts to get a buzz or something. Out of no where, this guy says, "Hey, bro, got any porn?” Big old grin came to my face. So I rush to my room, get the tape and put it on.

Damn boy! As we watched that flick, this homeboy got all thick in the pants. His dick was all up at attention. I couldn’t help but look at it. All of a sudden, I see him looking at me from the corner of his eye. I was like, “Shit, I’m busted.” The guy just smirks and keeps looking straight ahead.

It’s close to one in the morning.... the minutes keep on rolling by when he asks for another beer. So I go and get it. When I get back, this papi has taken off his sweater and is rubbing his crotch all good. His hand’s going up and down, up and down. Damn! I couldn’t help but just see that shit. I swear it looked like he was gonna bust out of his jeans... and all I could do was stare.

Again, this fine papi looks at me through the corner of his eye, and this time he knows that I know he’s seen me. What could I do? I just lick my lips and let out a big ass grin. Then I hear, "Bro, I ain't that way, so forget about it.” So I was, “Damn it!”

So we keep on watching the flick and chatting. Then the flick is over so I’m like, “Damn, this guy is going to jam now, and I totally fucked up tonight.” By now, it’s like 2 am, and he's asking me for a ride. Grinning, I see another chance here. So I’m like, “Bro, I’m hella messed up (which I was). I can't take ya home, but if you want, you can crash on tha coutch.” I know forward of me, but I had my reasons. It’s all about the strategy... =) *evil grin*

He lived on the other side of town and, it being a week night, everyone was probably already asleep or some shit, so he's like, “Yeah, ok. Thankx." So I get some pillows and a blanket from the closet. It was dead winter, so being the opportunistic b$%# that I am, I didn’t turn on the heater. He he he.

So this guy zonks out, and so do I in my room. Like an hour or two later, I hear knocking on my room door. Wouldn't you know it, the papi was asking for another blanket. I’m like, "Man, I got no more, but..." You know what I said next right?...

So we're in bed together right, and we both fall asleep, or so it seemed. I saw my opportunity and decided to go hunting for some meat. Man, I was lucky cuz this F@$!#$# was stiff as a board from head to toe, nice tight muscles everywhere. I felt him up from his back to his chest to his arms to his legs. Every inch was of bulging steamy man flesh. I was in heaven. Damn! and here he didn’t wake up at all, or so i thought...

Wouldn't you know it, I reached down between his legs and this F1$!##!@ is harder than stone. So naturally I reached down his pants and started playing with his cock. Damn, it got so tight in there, that I had to undo his pants. Then I start hearing the light moaning. So I'm all geared up ready to go, you know? Damn! I wanted him bad. So I go for it. I pull him so that he is laying flat on his back. I get between his legs and start sucking the life out of his cock. It felt so nice. Dangggggg! The head alone was heaven. Nice, round and smooth, of course it was smooth, I had it all wet with my slobbering, but dannnnggggg, the shaft tasted even sweeter. I guess he had been doing something earlier that day cuz his whole crotch smelled of sweat. Cool for me cuz his sweat is the type that you would want to drink by the gallon. Ummmmmm.

I licked that cock good. Almost like half an hour or something, but he wouldn't come. So I’m like getting ideas now... I know straight guys hate this, but I did it anyways. As I’m sucking on his glory shaft, I’m like working my way down. I managed to pull in his balls into my warm mouth. This makes him jump a bit, but then he's moaning louder than before. I'm like damn, tonite is my nite, everything is going my way.

So then, I get more bold and keep on going south. All of the sudden, he slams his legs on my head, and I’m like, “What the fuck!” But that wasn’t the end of it. I’m like insisting. I manage to spread his legs again and get to suck his balls clean, i mean clean. But still this guy couldn't come. So I'm like damn! He’s working me like a bitch, but I’m loving every second of it. I love a challenge.

Anyhow, I keep on going down, and this time I guess I got him off guard cuz he lets me keep going down. So now I’m on his cherry ass. I'm getting that shit all nice and wet. To my surprise, he starts pushing his ass towards me. So im like, “I get it. This fucker wants it bad.” So I give it to him. I start poking my tongue in and out of his hole and licking him in circular motions. Get him all nice and horny. By now, he seems like he's going to come, so I push it up a notch. I put his ass in mid air, him almost folded in half, and now I’m like just all up in there working my shit. Just blowing on his pubs and slathering him up all nice.

So then I slip him the finger. Damn, that was some tight shit. So tight it almost made me come right on the spot, and I hadn’t fucked him yet.. damn! So I keep at it. Then I put in a second finger and a third. The little bitch is squirming like a poodle in heat. I'm like damn!

So you know, I’m all into it now. I’m getting my groove on with a straight boy... so you know what comes up next. I grab the lube and just rub it all on his tight ass and on my fat dick. Damn, just doing that I was going to loose it. So then, all rape style I flip him around to get him into doggie style. You know like that song, "Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck.” Cuz I know he was going to do some screaming... you know I’m a good 8 or 9 inches so this fine cherry cholo was going to get it tonite...

So I grab his culo and just spread those cheeks nice and keep loosening him with my fingers. So I spread his hole with my two hands as much as i can, cuz i swear mine is fat. So I replace the fingers with my chorizo. *Evil Grin* I just grab on to his waist and thrust forward with all my force. Damn, the boy belt it out better than a fat white chick at an opera house. Ha ha.

So I let it sit in there for a sec. Meanwhile, he's trying to get away from me, but I’m like, “Hell no! You ain't getting away from me bitch.” Soon after, I start pumping him slowly, trying to keep myself from squirting all over, cuz danngggggg, he was tight, real tight. Ummmmm.

After like what seemed like 40 minutes of just doing him doggie style, I pull out to change positions. And to my surprise, the fine papi grabs me by the hips, begging me not to pull out. Big old grin comes to my face. I guess I was so into it that I had failed to notice that he was into it now. So I’m like, "Chill, bro, I’m just switching positions.” So I flip him over again, all violent and shit, grab some pillows, put them under his ass and just spread his legs as far as they would go.

So now I’m like fucking him face to face. Now I’m like all biting his neck and chest. And he's all just moaning and scratching my back, begging for more. Shit, I was more than happy to give it to him. So I have his legs over my shoulders. I’m like grabbing onto him, just pulling him towards me with every ounce of strength left in me. Just doing him like an animal.

All of a sudden, I feel him shudder under me, and I start feeling wet stuff on my stomach, so I’m like loosing it now. Having this papi coming all over me cuz im fucking him like there’s no tomorrow just was so damn exiting. So now, I’m all shivering. Next thing I know, I’m bopping my head down and up as I fuck him. Then I don’t know why, but he grabs me by the ears and just pulls me towards him and gives me this big ass kiss. Mmmmmmm, just what i needed, and I started coming. Let me tell you, by now my chorizo was so hurting, but damn, I couldn’t stop. So I just stayed there on top of him till I got soft. It was a while before that happened. All I know is that that was the greatest night of my life...


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