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fucking at el monte park

There is a park in South El Monte right next to the Pomona Freeway that I use to run at. One day when the sun went down, I noticed a lot of guys hanging around deep inside the park. And in the parking lot, there were a lot of guys in their cars cruising the parking lot.

I knew I was gay, but I wasn’t out yet. As I was walking down the pathway, I saw a guy go into one of the restrooms, so I held my breath and headed for the restroom.

When I walked in, the lights were out, and all these guys ran and hid or pretended to be pissing at the stalls. So I went into the last stall and waited and listened. One of the guys in the stall started sucking the other guy. I could hear him slobbering all over his homie’s cock. Then in the other stall, I could hear two homies fucking.

Now my own uncut cock was hard as a rock. I slowly walked out of my stall and watched the two homies fucking and beat my own dick. It was so hot. I almost shot right there. I then looked around the wall and saw this one Mexican dude sucking off another dude. I moved closer and closer to see if I could get some of that action.

The guy getting sucked off was an older white guy, but the Mexican dude who was sucking was cute with short hair and mustache. The white dude’s cock was small, about five inches, and cut, which I hate, but the Mexican dude was happy to suck it.

As I came closer, the Mexican dude looked at me with my uncut cock standing hard and dripping pre-cum. He reached for it and slowly started jacking me off. He let go of the old dude and started sucking on my cock. Damn, he was so good. This was probably the fourth blow job in my life, so I shot real fast in his mouth. I could feel my toes curling in my shoes, and I felt so weak I almost fell down as I came.

The Mexican dude kept sucking, and my dick wouldn’t go soft. It stayed hard. My cock was so sensitive that I had to pull it out of his mouth. I zipped up and went back the stall I was first in. The two homies had finished fucking, and the homie that was fucking the other guy left.

As I was standing in the stall, the homie from next door came in naked and pulled out my cock which was still hard and started to suck it. He was ok, but then he put some spit all over my cock and bent over.

Now I have to tell you that at this point in my life I had never fucked a guy or girl for that matter. After he spit on my cock, he backed up on my uncut cock. I was leaning against the wall, and I felt the warmth and smoothness of his asshole. My whole body shook, and he was riding my cock.

I finally got the idea of how to fuck, so I took over. I began first by going in and out slowly then faster. The cute homeboy was moaning and telling me he wanted me to go deeper and harder. Since I just shot my sperm about 10 minute ago, I really lasted, and the homeboy was really happy.

I reached down to grab his cock, and it was about four inches long and uncut, but real fat. I started to jack him off while I was fucking him harder. All of sudden, he screamed and shot all over my hand. I thought this guy was a water fountain. He shot so much cum over my hand. I got so excited that I started to shoot my cum inside him. Again, I almost passed out from the orgasm I was having. He held me in place.

He liked the fact that even though I just shot, my cock wouldn’t go soft. We finally pulled apart when we heard someone else come into the restroom. He whispered to me to meet him outside. We met outside and talked. His name was Juan. Juan told me that I was the best fuck he ever had.

We exchanged phone numbers and hooked up later at a motel. Ever since I met Juan, I learned to love sucking uncut cock, especially small ones. Juan and I would fuck at least once a week after that for about two years.

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