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my first time with a vato

Well, my story goes like this: I was 18 when I hung out with the big cholos. There is not that many where I live, but they’re out there. Well, I was a. T. A. party with the homies.

I didn't really want to go to the party, but I went cuz this guy I really liked was going to be there, so I went. He was there when I arrived, so I was drinking and having a good time. Then he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to smoke with him. I said, “Yeah.”

We went outside. We where talking and stuff. I was just looking at him while he smoked. Then he asked me a question. He goes, “Man, suck my dick.” I was like, “What, man? I am not like that,” I told him, but I knew I was. He told me to do it again. I did. I grabbed his big chorizo.

I didn't know how to suck, but it looked like I was doing a good job cuz he was making noise, so I kept sucking. I licked his balls and up back to his dick. He was uncut too, that's what I liked about him.

He would tell me, “Damn! U suck dick real good. Mmmmm.” I was like, “Damn, I am doing a good job.” Then he asked me can he fuck me. I was like, “I don’t know cuz what if it hurts.” Then he goes, “I’ll take it easy.” I was like, “Ok.”

He first licked my ass hole. It felt so good. Man, I really liked that shit. Then he told me that he was fixing to go in. I was like, “Oh, man.” It did hurt, but then it felt good. I was liking it. He was fucking me so good. I opened my ass hole. Damn, it was so good.

He was telling me, “Man, u have a nice ass, boy. Damn, it’s so good.” He was yelling, “U want this, boy?” I would say, “Oh, yea, papi. Give it to me all the way….mmmm.”

I felt him cumin so I told him to let me lick it up. He put all his cum all on my face. I licked every drop of him .I got up, then he kissed me so good and told me that was good. He asked for my #. He told me that he really liked me. I told him I like him too.So he was like my man and shit. We when out for 1 year, and we still fuck .

Name & city withheld

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