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Sucking Gangster Dick

When I graduated from high school, I went to work for a supermarket in East Los Angeles. Back then I was in the closet and I had never been with a guy even though I had fantasized about men, especially masculine cholos.

One afternoon I was collecting shopping carts in the supermarket parking lot when I saw a gang member kicking back in front of a shoe store. The supermarket was located in a shopping strip with other stores around it. As I was pushing along the noisy carts, I noticed the homeboy looking at me. He had some dark piercing eyes. He was handsome with short black hair combed back, and he wore a white T-shirt and cut-off shorts.

Hey, homes, get me a job at your store, the gang member told me. He had a tattoo on his neck just inside his shirt collar. He was even more handsome close up. Because he looked like a hard-core gangster, I knew he wouldn?t get the job. He was fine so I made him believe he?d probably get hired at the store, even though he probably wouldn?t. He was good to look at so I wanted to spend more time with him.

I took him inside the store into the employee lounge and gave him an application to complete. I found out his name was Carlos. As he leaned over the coffee table to complete his application, I noticed how masculine and well built his body looked and how his dark skin glistened in the office light. He asked questions even about the most simple questions on the application, and I think he was nervous.

Hey, bro, you got a restroom I can use? He asked.

I got the employee restroom key and walked with him to the private restroom. On the way to the restroom, I got an idea. I thought to myself: I?ll go inside the restroom with him so I can see his dick.

When we got inside the restroom, I locked the door. In the restroom, there was only one urinal, a toilet and a sink so if he took a piss I could see everything because the room is very small. I lied to him, saying My boss told me I have to make sure no one tags the restroom.

He said, That?s cool, don?t worry about it.

Then he peed, holding his dick with his right hand.

Man, I really had to take a leak, he said as he drained his vein for a long time. I?ve been holding it for a while.

I leaned against the wall, pretending to be interested in his conversation, but all the while I was staring down at his dark dick. His dick looked fat in his hand. I wished I could touch it.

He kept on pissing and talking. I don?t think he noticed me admiring his fat penis. I moved a little closer to him to get a better view of his penis. My heart was throbbing with excitement and fear. I didn?t know what to do to seduce him.

Then I got an idea. I knelt down pretending to tie my shoe so that my mouth was at his crotch level. He looked down at me with his handsome face. He looked a little bothered. He knit his eyebrows as if he was confused as to why I was so close to him. I looked up to him with pleading eyes and licked my lips. That was my signal to him that I wanted to suck his dick.

Orale, he said and chuckled a little. You?re a cocksucker? He asked me. Is that why you?re being so nice to me because you want to suck this? He grabbed his big uncut dick and pointed it to me.

I finally got the courage and said, Let me suck your dick.

Orale, I don?t know, homes. I?m not a fag, he said.

Let me suck it real quick, I pleaded.

He thought about it, but he didn?t say no. I decided to go for it. I put the head of his dick in my mouth. I was so happy with his dick in my mouth that I pushed his hand away so that I could take all of his manhood in my mouth. I swallowed his dick all the way to the base until I felt the wiry pubic hairs against my lips. Soon I felt his dick getting bigger inside my mouth. This got me more excited and I moaned with his dick in mouth.

I pulled down his cut-off shorts and his white boxers. His big balls hung down. I was surprised to see his neighborhood?s name tattooed in big block letters on his upper legs. I massaged his legs and went back to sucking his big brown uncut dick which had now grown to about eight and a half inches with a slight curve upward.

He leaned against the wall with his shorts and underwear bunched around his ankles. I sucked his dick as hard as I could. I put my hand around the base of his cock, and my hand couldn?t close around his cock because it was so fat.

I sucked him as best I could and his dick felt like it was gonna split the corners of my mouth, but he managed to get more and more of his dick in my mouth. He held my head in place with his two hands and then he started humping his hips as he fucked my mouth. I didn?t use my teeth to make it real good for him.

At one point I felt scared and out of control because I couldn?t stop him, especially when the head of his dick started to enter my throat. I started to gag, but he held my head in place by force. I told myself, Don?t be afraid. This is your fantasy. Let him fuck your mouth. Just relax. Relax.

I relaxed more and accepted the mouth rape he was giving me. Soon the pain started to turn to pleasure, and I worshipped and sucked his cock. I gave him deep throat with ease.

Yeah, homie, suck my cock, he said.

Sit on the toilet, I told him.

He sat down with his dark proud 8 ½ inch cock standing at attention. I knelt down in front of him and started to deep throat him again like he taught me to. His dick got even harder and fatter. He told me he was gonna fuck me like a jail bitch.

I got excited and scared at the same time. I had never been fucked before and from the way he fucked my mouth I knew he wasnt going to be gentle with my ass.

He took off my uniform pants and boxers, and knelt me doggy style in front of him.

Then he spit on his cock and spread some spit on my ass with his hand. Then he held onto the base of his cock and put the head of his cock against my virgin hole. His dick head felt wet, sexy and silky against my asshole, but when he started jabbing the pain started. He held me tight around the waist and pushed his dick hard against my asshole. I didnt know a dick could feel so big and painful. I wondered why guys like to get fucked if it hurts so much.

The gang member spoke to me in Spanish for the first time, Lo querias, ahora te lo voy a dar (You wanted it, now Im gonna give it to you).

Thats when his dick started to enter me. I didnt know what to do with my mouth or my hands. I felt like screaming, but I didnt want to get busted at work. I wanted to scratch or hold onto something with my hands, but there was nothing but the cold cement floor in front of me. I put my forearm up to my mouth and used it as a gag to muffle my cries. Once his dick was fully inside of me, he said, Im gonna fuck you good.

And fuck me he did. He fucked me doggy style. Then he fucked me on my back with one of my legs sticking straight up towards the ceiling. When he fucked me, it felt good. We were lubricated with all natural juices, and I let him assault my ass.

Take my dick, bitch, he sneered at me.

I pushed my ass against him like a cat in heat. His dick felt so big inside of me. A couple of times I asked him to stop because I felt pain like I had to use the restroom, and he said, Shut the fuck up, cant you see Im fucking?

His forceful words turned me on more, and I opened up my legs for him.

When he was ready to come, he threw my legs over his shoulders and lifted my ass to get a good angle at my ass. He started fucking me super fast, and I started to jack off at the same time. I came before he did and shot all over my chest and stomach. When he saw me cum, he fucked me with longer and harder strokes. I could have sworn his dick was touching my stomach. My jaw dropped in disbelief at how good it was feeling. He finally started shooting inside of me, and he rotated and jiggled his dick inside of me making sure he deposited his sperm inside of me, grunting like an animal all the time.

That was firme, homie, he said wiping his hands with a brown paper towel and drying the sweat on his forehead. Can I go to your pad and fuck you tonight?

Hell, yeah, fool, I told him, You can come over whenever you want.

That night my mom gave me a funny look when she saw Carlos come over to my house. She wasnt used to seeing me hanging around with gang members. This time Carlos was a little sweeter, but he fucked me hard for about an hour until he came.

Im coming next week, he told me. He didnt even ask me, he just told me he was going to fuck me.

When he showed up at my house the next week, I was a little surprised because he had one of his homeboys with him.

This is my homeboy Spookie, Carlos said. Spookie had even more tattoos on his neck and on his arms than Carlos, and he scared me. I thought to myself, What did I get myself into? Although he was handsome, Spookie also had some acne scars which made him look meaner. I was afraid of Spookie, but I was also afraid of Carlos, so I couldn?t kick them out of my house.

Spookie is gonna kick it with us tonight, Carlos told me.

When we were in my room, I asked them if they wanted anything to drink. Carlos told me, Shut up and suck my dick, bitch. This surprised me and humiliated me a little in front of Spookie. I stayed quiet and locked my bedroom door. I bent down and inserted Carlos?s big dick in my mouth. Carlos told his homeboy, Told you he sucks dick.

To make a long story short, both of them fucked me for a long time. They took turns fucking me and smoking weed. The night ended with Carlos coming inside my ass.

Then Carlos told me, Take care of my homeboy.

So I sucked off Spookie until he came in my mouth. I didnt want to let go of his dick. It was perfectly round and as hard as a piece of wood. I gave him extra long attention to let him know I liked him.

Spookie left to New Mexico so I dont suck him off no more.

I still suck Carlos about three times a week. I also started sucking off some of the other homeboys in the neighborhoods. They have girlfriends, but when they give me a chance I go down on my knees and service their big cholo dicks. There? nothing that I love more than a big fat cholo dick in my mouth while I massage their flat stomachs and chests. Most of these guys are neighborhood homeboys that get drunk and then come over to my house.

I also started going to this neighborhood park in East Los Angeles and sucking off cholos and soccer players. The most I sucked in one day is six homeboys. They put their dicks in through a glory hole. I even sucked a cholo who went to my high school, but he didnt know it was me sucking his dick through the glory hole in the restroom.

Sucking off homeboys is the bomb. Especially the thin cholos, I've noticed they have the fattest dicks, and Im down to service them.

Hector from East Los Angeles.

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