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playing footsies with my cousin

The story I'm about to tell you about happened about 3 years ago. It was an experience that I will never forget. I was 20 at the time. I've been out with guys and done stuff with them since I was 18. But my most-memorable se*ual experience didn't happen with just any guy, it was with my cousin Marcos.

He's straight, or maybe curious, whatever, but he's younger than me. He was 17 when it happened. All of my cousins and I are close. We grew up together. Not everyone has the type of bond that my cousins and I had. Especially not the one Marcos and I have now. Through my teen years, I kind of drifted apart from my male cousins. I had started to discover that I wasn't like them. That guys were my interest.

Being from a Mexican family, you know that they don't take it lightly when someone is g@y. So I didn't want my cousins to find out or even to suspect. I just stood apart and hung out with my girl cousins. When I was out of high school, I did my own thing. I met other g@y guys and stuff and that's how I started out. So I kind of drifted from all of my cousins at that point.

Well the summer that I was 19, my cousin Marcos was staying over our house cause he had just started high school, and he wanted to attend the high school in our neighborhood. He belonged to the Pasadena district, but wanted to go to Lincoln High School. So he stayed with my family. Since we had no extra beds, he slept on my bed, and I slept on the floor.

It was then that I noticed how good looking my cousin was. He had started to work out and take care of himself. He was in the track team at school and played football. So he was developing some strong legs and nice chest. Every night that summer, I would just stare at him while he was asleep and wonder what it would be like to touch his naked body. But that was all I did. Throughout the school year, he'd only stay at our house during the week and then go back to my aunt’s house on the weekend. So for a whole year, I would just fall asleep watching over my cousin and fantasizing about being with him.

He finished his 2nd year in high school. When the summer right before his junior started, that's when things started to develop between him and I. We'd stay up late and just talk about anything. Sometimes the topic of s*x came up, but there were just questions that every teenager has. Of course, I would answer them, but in a manner that a straight guy would answer. So he had no idea that I was g@y.

Well, one time we were both on my bed, we fell asleep next to each other. That night, I got up to use the restroom. I had to jump over him, but when doing so I accidentally hit his feet with mine, kind of rubbing it. Well, what happened next surprised me: he rubbed my feet back. I froze and laid back down next to him. He wrapped his feet up with mine. He was playing footsies. I looked at him, but he had his eyes closed. So I wasn't sure if he was dreaming or what. So I just went along with it. We were playing footsies for about five minutes and then it stopped.

So then I got up to use the restroom, and when I came back out I slept on the floor. So the next night while I was on the floor, I waited for him to go to sleep. When he did, I lifted up my foot to where his was and rubbed his bare feet. He did it again. He rubbed mine so we were playing footsies again. This time, I saw his eyes opened. When he noticed that I had seen he was awake, he closed his eyes and stopped playing footsies.

This went on for a few weeks. Then when school started, he didn't do it at all. Then the next summer came along. He was 17 and about to become a senior. By now, he was well developed. Big arms and chest and very very strong thick legs. Very smooth too cause he shaved his legs for football, and he had a very smooth hairless chest.

Well right about the 4th of July weekend, they were putting in new carpet at my house. So I couldn't sleep on the floor, and I didn't want to sleep on the couch. So I told Marcos that we were going to trade, him on the couch and I on the bed.

He said, “HELL NO....we’ll share.” I was so happy he had said that. So that night, I slept next to him. But my face was to his feet. You can imagine what I was thinking.

When I felt that he was asleep, I rubbed his feet with my hand. No reaction. I did it again, again nothing. So I started to massage his feet, then I felt a hand on my bare feet as well. He had grabbed my feet and started rubbing them. This time he didn't pretend to be asleep, he let me know he was awake.

We were sort of in the 69 position, rubbing each other's feet. This turned me on. I guess I had developed a foot fetish. I tried to hide my erection. But I was only wearing sweat shorts and a tank top. It was kind of hard to hide that when I was in the same bed as he was. Then I noticed something else. He was hard too. It looked huge through the basketball shorts that he was wearing. I didn't want to scare him, so I kept sliding my hand up and down his calves, slowly moving up to his inner thighs.

He just started breathing harder and doing the same to me. I was going to go for it. I thought to myself, “F**k it! What can he do to me? He's doing the same $hit!” So I crept my hand up his thighs through his short only to find that he wasn't wearing underwear. Then I felt something warm and hard touch my fingertips. It was his hard d*ck. Oh, my was big. I put my whole hand in there and grabbed it. Then he did the same to me.

I was loving it and so was he. So then we started to jack each other off. Then he stopped jacking me off and looked at me with a strange look. He pulled on my shorts and started to slide them off. I did the same. His dick popped up and it was big. 8 inches of thick uncut hairless d*ck. Without thinking twice, in the 69 position, I put it in my mouth. I started sucking on it like I had never sucked d*ck before. Then after a few seconds, I felt a hot mouth on my d*ck. He was sucking on my d*ck too, mine was not as big as his, but just as thick.

So there we were in my room sucking each other off. He laid flat on the bed, and I stood over him. After a while of sucking on my d*ck, I felt him put his tongue on my a$$. I couldn't believe it. Was my cousin g@y and had he done this before? I didn't think much about it. I just enjoyed it. After a while of him eating me out and my sucking him off, he pushed his legs up and tapped my a$$. He motioned for me to turn around and sit on him. I couldn't believe it. With the lubrication that my saliva provided on his d*ck, I sat myself little by little on that hard piece of meat. I had been with guys before, so I wasn't a virgin. I knew it would hurt, but that in time it would turn into pleasure.

As soon as his head was in, he moaned and that turned me on even more. Then slowly he pushed it up in me. I motioned for him to stop and let me do it, so I did. I slid my a$$ on his d*ck slowly. When it was all in, I started grinding myself on him, and he was loving it, moaning louder every second. I said, “Hey, calladito que nos escuchan tus tios” (Hey, quiet, little one, for your uncles may hear us). So then he was just breathing really hard.

After a while of me riding him, he sat up, pushed me back until I was on my back, and he managed to get himself on top of me. So I was laying back, and he held my legs open. He then started to pump me harder and faster. He leaned down, took off my shirt and started to bite on my hard nipples. That almost made me cum right there and then.

He got my legs and threw them up on his shoulder. He started to bite my ankles while he was fu**ing me like no other guy had. Then he started to suck on my toes and that was driving me crazy. While he did that and fu**ed me hard, he also started jacking me off. He seemed to have had experience. I didn't care where he learned to f**k like that, as long as he was doing it to me. After sucking on my toes for a while, he just concentrated on jacking me off and fu**ing me. I took his hand away from my hard d*ck and grabbed him by the ears and leaned him down on my chest, but he reached for my mouth and started kissing me. cousin was doing me like nobody else had.

We kept kissing while he fu**ed me and then after a while, I felt it, his body trembling and his pumping getting faster and harder. He was about to cum. I held on to him while he was kissing me. I held on to him tightly as he put his tongue in deeper to my mouth and he came......he shot his load inside me. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth to moan and release all that tension he had and the 6 loads of cum that he left inside my a$$. I finished jacking off and came also, shooting my load onto my stomach.

When I was done, he took his now softened d*ck out of my a$$ and went into the restroom to clean up I guess. Then I followed after he came out. We fell asleep that night next to each other. After that night, the same thing went on every night without fail. To this day, we still mess around. He doesn't stay over my house, but he comes over when he knows I'm home alone and we take care of business. Nobody has fu**ed me as good as he has, not even my boyfriend.

Ricky, Lincoln Heights, California

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